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Logistics management is one of the latest branches of administrative
science. It includes an integrated system of activities inside and
outside the organization, such as purchasing, storage, transportation,
distribution, handling, packaging, customer service and scheduling.

It is the task of logistics management to coordinate and integrate
these activities in order to provide the products and inputs of
production at the right time and place in the required situation, in
addition to the role of logistics management in customer service, which
helps to provide the competitive advantage of the organization and
increase profits.

The program is designed to provide participants with the skills and
knowledge needed to build and manage the flow of products and
information within supply chain systems and the management of logistics
departments in government companies and institutions, including:
operations management, analytical capabilities to support decision
making, and the use of information technology to facilitate business for
the traditional and electronic supply chain.

What Will I Learn?

  • The definition of logistics management and its importance to the organization and the main activities of the logistics system
  • Defining the scientific foundations of procurement and storage under the system
  • Relationship of logistics management to marketing and production
  • Importance of transport as part of the logistics system
  • Relationship of logistics management to customers and customers
  • Logistics management and future planning
  • Supply chain management as a logistics activity
  • Logistics management as a factor of change and competition


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