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It is clear that the establishment of government departments,
institutions, companies and bodies of all types when designing and
building contracts and analysis of the contractual claims arising from
the implementation and settlement of disputes generated in the stage of
the implementation of contracts relating to contracting or transport
contracts or receive services or works of art or consulting studies
resort to one of the methods Contract legally known according to the
regulations of tenders and auctions.

It is certain that the stages of the contract are surrounded by many
procedural aspects and practical problems that specialists have to keep
in mind.

Moreover, careful and thorough consideration of the practical
applications of the most recent contracts concluded by the
administration, whether public utility contracts, public works contracts
or supply contracts, is important in order to take note of all
administrative and legal aspects of such contracts.

What Will I Learn?

  • Study the negotiation and its procedures, strategies and tactics.
  • Studying the contract in its three stages, starting with contractual negotiation, then drafting the nodal and then implementing it.
  • Careful study of the general tender method, stages and procedures, cancellation and cancellation effects.
  • Take full account of the details of the other seven contracting modalities.
  • Accurate understanding of the legal and administrative aspects of tenders.
  • Take note of all the gaps that occur during the tender process and how to deal with them.


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