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Body language is an important communication medium for others that we use on a daily basis.
Training on how to understand and use body language in an effective way
can improve our relationships with others to a great extent in the
context of your family, colleagues or the like.
It also helps you to deal with the different situations you are exposed to in your business. This practical course will help you to learn the art and secrets of body language easily and masterfully .

What Will I Learn?

  • Provide a set of concepts that help the person to re-establish certain situations to express his personality and mental state. At the same time knowing the circumstances and circumstances of the other party.
  • How to show a person certain expressions in parts of his body to give an impression of himself to others, especially if this person in the face of difficult words can escape from his tongue.
  • Touch the truth or lie in the words of the other party through the movements that emanate from the parts of his body.
  • Explain the forms of honest smiles and yellow smiles so that the person is fully aware of the psychology of the other party.
  • How to deal with difficult characters.
  • Save positions when the other party loses interest in what you say as well as note the signs of the desire of the other party to buy what we offer.
  • Recognize or exaggerate what one says and deal with changes that occur at the moment during negotiations.
  • How to understand the body language of men and women.


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