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Purchasing, Shipping, Insurance and Customs Clearance This program will
introduce participants to how to open documentary credits to pay the
price of external purchases. To complete the procurement cycle for
external purchasing and import, the purchasing staff must be aware of
the conditions of delivery in foreign purchases, international trade,
shipping procedures and insurance

This course will enable participants to gain specialized knowledge in
the field of external procurement, market segmentation and the
advantages and limitations of dealing with each market.

Participants will learn how to get the best exporters around the world
as well as how to start banking and financial procedures.

Participants will also familiarize themselves with the basics of
customs clearance procedures, customs declaration methods and other
related topics through the study of some practical cases.

What Will I Learn?

  • General framework for external procurement
  • Checking purchases abroad
  • Preparatory stage of the procurement process from abroad
  • The methods used to request bids in their formal or final form
  • Evaluate offers technically, financially and systematically to choose the best offer terms and appropriate price
  • Repayment of purchases abroad
  • Documentary Credits: - Their nature, types and role of the bank
  • Advance payments
  • Letters of Guarantee Terms and Conditions
  • Transportation of external purchases and insurance against transport risks


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