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This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to
successfully manage IT projects from initial concepts to final delivery.
Participants also use techniques and tools to help them lead IT
projects by analyzing requirements, developing project plans and
budgets, team leadership and overall performance assessment.

What Will I Learn?

  • Use of project management methodologies in managing IT projects
  • Assess business needs and feasibility studies for IT projects to ensure that appropriate justification is known at an early stage of the project
  • Link project needs and objectives to the needs of stakeholders clearly
  • IT tool in agile management and definition of difference between traditional projects and agile projects
  • Demonstrate basic processes and activities for project planning, establish realistic and measurable objectives, estimate costs and develop project schedules using proven methodologies and tools
  • Define the role of project manager during project design and implementation stages
  • Identify activities during the implementation phase and develop effective processes to monitor project implementation in accordance with established plans


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