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British Academy for Training and Development offers a course of
effective practices in preparing and building excellence policies for
those who wish to develop their expertise in managing all institutions
and preparing and building outstanding policies.

the importance of developing institutional systems for enterprises is
increasing, with the factors that influence the effectiveness of all the
basic functions and support in these establishments. The problems of
sustainability in success have become a major concern for many
institutions to ensure their survival. In order to develop a set of
policies that require development for a good understanding of your
business, resources and strategies. In addition to the broad knowledge
of sector-specific standards and the state of competition in them, the
development of the institutional system helps to build and implement
policies and
procedures, which will institutionalize the institutional framework of
enterprises and help to adapt continuously to changes while preserving
the unique spirit of enterprises, if effective practices in the
development of policies for excellence determine institutional success.

What Will I Learn?

  • The concept, scope and scope of smart strategic management.
  • Integrated concepts in strategic planning.
  • Levels of smart strategic management application.
  • Competitive advantages, opportunities and their impact on strategic planning.
  • Analysis of external environment opportunities and threats.
  • Analysis of internal environment and strengths and weaknesses.


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