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This course provides the basic knowledge of sales understanding as a tool and action; leading participants to deepen sales understanding and impact on company growth, self-management learning, exploration art, opportunity planning and resource allocation. Participants also acquire many skills related to negotiation, overcoming obstacles, resolving customer issues and closing sales transactions. This course covers all essential elements of customer service and should be applied when dealing directly with it. This course covers the effectiveness and durability of all communication skills and behaviors necessary to achieve the right response that ensures the satisfaction and happiness of customers in the most difficult situations.

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify and adopt appropriate professional sales behaviors and skills to raise sales performance
  • Develop self-critical practices to improve personal performance, efficiency and effectiveness of business
  • Mastering and executing the sale process to handle objections successfully and close more deals
  • Manage customer expectations and overcome them to earn their loyalty and deal with them with continuity
  • Mastering the art of verbal and nonverbal communication to achieve an environment of respect and trust between seller and buyer


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