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Government procurement of goods and services constitutes a relatively
large proportion of total government expenditure and accounts for 10-15%
of GDP on average for all countries, according to WTO statistics.

Government procurement policy is an important factor in shaping the
form of competition in the market, since the main objective of
procurement policy is to increase efficiency, in other words to ensure
that suppliers offer their goods at the lowest cost and in high quality.

The main objective of this course is to upgrade the skills of the
employees in the procurement departments and to increase their
efficiency in the field of government procurement, warehousing and
warehousing, through the capacity of the program’s employees in managing
and organizing government procurement, The legislation governing the
procurement and storage process, as well as familiarity with the
legislation in force for tenders and tenders, and are able to determine
the requirements for purchasing in a proper manner, and to develop a
plan for purchase,

And the practice of the procurement process fundamentalist and
effective manner, you know next to the documentary cycle to buy,
administrative stages of the procurement process in terms of planning,
organization and implementation of procurement.

What Will I Learn?

  • Know the legislation governing procurement and storage.
  • Define procurement requirements in a proper manner.
  • Developing the skills of the participants in developing a procurement plan and preparing the purchase budget.
  • To practice the purchase in a fundamental and effective manner.
  • Identify the best practices of the documentary buying cycle.
  • Inform the participants of the modern administration in the implementation of the procedures of tenders and tenders and the included legislation that governs the purchasing department.
  • Inform the participants of the financial insurance in the Purchasing Department.
  • Enabling participants to study tenders effectively.
  • To introduce participants to the concept, importance, objectives and motivations of the negotiation department in the procurement process.


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