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Electronic crime is the biggest threat now ever because of the huge
number of people connected with electronic devices, but what exactly is

In short, it is simply the crime of stealing personal data, violating
property rights, counterfeiting, child pornography or electronic
stalking, and cybercrime covers a wide range of different attacks,
briefly defined as “any crime committed using a computer network or
computer, A common type of cybercrime is phishing, where the victim
receives an e-mail supposed to be a project with a link leading to a
hostile site on the Internet.As soon as you click the link, the computer
can then infect the virus, and here

Type of electronic crimes are much more serious and cover things like
harassment, harassment and child trafficking, extortion and manipulation
of the stock market, and the complex spyware companies, and planning.

What Will I Learn?

  • Computer and Internet Basics
  • Computers and software
  • Infrastructure and use
  • Legal Composition of Electronic Crime
  • Definition of cybercrime
  • Classification of cybercrime


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