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Electronic evidence is one of the most new legal issues that have attracted much attention from jurisprudence. If social and economic developments have a clear impact on the legal rules governing human conduct, the impact of electronic proof on the provisions of traditional or ordinary laws of proof will have a significant impact. As a result of the development witnessed by the practical reality of our time, which is characterized by what is called the revolution of information technology in the field of information systems and technology, especially after the use of this technology with the technology of communications, and because of this development, The transfer and exchange of data remotely, from computer to computer, which is called information communications, which has far-reaching implications for the legal provisions of traditional evidence established in accordance with the controls determined by law.

What Will I Learn?

  • What is electronic evidence?
  • Properties of electronic evidence.
  • The direction of comparative legislation of electronic evidence
  • Towards the National Evidence Act of Electronic Evidence.
  • The electronic bond and its legal status under the laws in force

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