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basic level (level 1 and 2) provides the basics of the structure of the
language, helping them to gradually understand the basic rules, vocabulary and
functions of the English language and introduce them to the language in general
contexts, and develop on what the student learned in the first level through
the second level Their language gaps

What Will I Learn?

  • Help trainees learn the real language skills needed to deal with real life situations.
  • Developing the skills of English language trainees, training and encouraging them to read, write and converse fully.
  • Provide trainees with confidence in their ability to speak, listen to, read, and write English.
  • To assist trainees in developing and enhancing their reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar skills using an integrated skills methodology.
  • Teach the trainees how to deal with the problems and present them in a structured and courteous manner.
  • Helping trainees to master English and speak confidently, which will help them enhance their CV and improve their chances of future professional success.


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