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You will be provided with the required skills and abilities that enable you to communicate with others professionally in secretariat offices; according to etiquette and protocol

What Will I Learn?

  • Recognize the concept of etiquette, protocol, and protocol
  • Identify the personal qualities of the secretary and identify the most important elements of the secretary's proper appearance
  • Know the importance of etiquette in the secretarial offices
  • Recognize etiquette rules in dealing with superiors, customers and visitors, and subordinates
  • Define the rules and etiquette of courtesy, and identify the rules of acquaintance and exchange cards
  • Applying the rules and ethics of greetings and giving and accepting gifts
  • Know the rules and art of etiquette using clothing
  • Recognize the importance of good and effective modern listening in the offices of the Secretariat
  • Treat yourself with casual situations
  • Respect the rules of tact and etiquette in written communications, organizing meetings, and dealing with the Internet and e-mail


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