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Impressions often form during the first seven seconds of the meeting, and it is difficult if not impossible to change those impressions. This course will help you leave the first impression. Where it deals with how to deal with others in the work environment, taking into account differences in culture and region. Because discussion of business is often lunch or dinner, the skills and etiquette of the table also affect the opinion of the other person as a potential business partner. This course will give you tips on how to apply proper ethical standards and work ethics in many different environments. Where many “incidents” occur because of the lack of understanding of individual standards and protocols. At this session we will present international rules relating to the protocol to be implemented during official events and visits.

What Will I Learn?

  • Behave correctly in both social and business situations
  • Interact and communicate effectively with different types of guests
  • Show personal and professional behavior
  • Planning for VIP VIP visits and official events during the execution of the role of the ideal host
  • Apply proper communication etiquette
  • Implementing different forms of protocol and etiquette from different cultures, states and regions


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