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Performance evaluation is one of the most important operations of human
resources management in organizations and at all levels of the
organization, from senior management to employees in the lowest centers
and lower production lines. This is a way for departments to function
vigorously and actively as a result of constantly monitoring the
performance of their staff by their superiors, And push the subordinates
to work actively and efficiently to show the appearance of productive
workers in front of their superiors, and to achieve higher levels in the
evaluation to receive the incentives and bonuses prescribed for that,
and to achieve the desired objectives to be dealt with in a systematic
and accurate and with the participation of g
Which would benefit from the final results of the evaluation process.

Performance assessment represents the individual’s definition of how he
or she performs a currency, and the work of his plan to improve and
improve his performance in many cases. When the performance evaluation
is applied correctly, it shows the individual the current level of
performance, and may affect the level of individual effort and trends of
future tasks and support efforts to improve performance correctly Which
was launched by researchers on performance evaluation, efficiency
measurement, also called competency assessment, is called functional or
professional assessment, but the most common designation is performance

What Will I Learn?

  • Determine to what extent the Department has been able to achieve its specific tasks.
  • Know the causes of deviations from the specific performance measure.
  • Suggest ways to address areas beyond the management's control.
  • Develop incentives to improve performance.
  • Establish a basis for comparing the various activities in the economic unit
  • Identification of special needs.


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