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This course provides principles and practices for individuals involved
in the planning and organization of events, meetings and conferences.

By gaining a clear understanding of the process of planning and
developing management skills and getting familiar with the best practice
of event and conference management so that participants are more
willing to manage these events.

The course also covers planning tools, time, space, money, human
resources, information, materials and problems that may arise through
the planning process.

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify types of events and conferences to implement a more effective plan
  • Organizing, evaluating and motivating various committees concerned with the management of events and conferences
  • Encourage events and conferences through planning and developing a step-by-step promotional plan
  • Explain the various functions of events and conferences management
  • Preparation and control of the financial aspects of the Conference
  • Planning and organizing different types of exhibitions
  • Studying all activities to evaluate and follow up events


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