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The fiercest battles in the realm of one body are always between the living conscience of the “self-soul” and the lust.
In business enterprises, lust is replaced by a desire for profit and
gain, otherwise the establishment is not established from the ground up,
and the legal adviser (or the Department of Legal Affairs) serves as
the living conscience of the enterprise. The corporate legal counsel is
its living conscience, which defends its employees in the face of
decisions Management, which also holds its employees accountable when
violating the requirements of work and literature, which helps the
administration to make the right decision and legally sound.
The legal adviser does not initially consider matters of profit and loss, but is viewed through legal consequences and risks.
It is not very different in the field of administrative bodies that
need the legal adviser in administrative investigations, and the
formulation of decisions and ensure the extent of compliance with the
provisions of the law, in addition to providing legal advice in various

Perhaps the majority know the size of the demand to study and address
the legal irregularities and the enormous extent of the advanced legal
advice in the work of lawyers in Europe, America and other parts of the
world so that most of the law firms are known and the world’s most
prestigious companies that take the study and treatment of legal
irregularities a major activity, Perhaps lonely for her.

As it is resorted to by major commercial companies and even sometimes
governments to obtain study and address legal irregularities in various

And advice and consultation where the meaning of advice, and often
called advice and advice advice, although the advice is not provided by
the advice only at the request of advice and advice and advice as
advised and advice of the requirements of honesty, honesty and
sincerity, and opinion is derived from «opinion» opinion is the opinion
of the eye as the opinion of the mind Any consideration of the eye or
mind and who gives his opinion, he has given advice after the
realization and mental consideration.

Which requires the legal adviser to know many of the skills that enable
him to perform his task fully without exposing himself or his
management or his representative to any legal consequences because of
the opinion submitted by him.

What Will I Learn?

  • Developing the skills of submitting a study and dealing with legal violations.
  • Studying and auditing the basic skills of the distinguished legal advisor.
  • How to do a professional legal inquiry.
  • Extensive study of the role of the legal advisor in administrative, governmental and corporate bodies.
  • Providing jurists with the skill of preparing legal opinions of all kinds.
  • Studying the techniques and concepts of negotiation in both domestic and international contracts.
  • Studying the stages, tactics and strategies of negotiation.
  • Specification of the study and treatment of targeted legal violations.


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