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Reliability is the essential part of any maintenance. If properly maintained, we achieve safety in performance, low operating costs and a sustained high level of production. Factories with reliability usually adhere to the highest standards of safety and promote positive morale among their employees because the loss of reliability loses control of operations.

What Will I Learn?

  • Explain how to achieve outstanding performance and how to use the Carcharodon model of excellence
  • Develop reliability programs tailored to the individual needs of business strategies, assets and maintenance
  • Analyze current performance using the best metrics
  • The calculation of fixed and variable cost reductions combined with productivity and output, improve product quality and can be delivered through improved reliability
  • Apply methodologies to improve key reliability and apply tools to improve performance and reliability
  • Explain best practices in reliability, including design, operations and maintenance responsibilities
  • Engage colleagues and consider the human factors needed to support a culture of high reliability


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