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When we talk about creativity, we are talking about a market side in
society based on its connection to art in the past and the genius of
another time, and it is linked to an aspect that is unclear and vague to

But creativity is part of the success and work of every human being and
a daily endeavor for everyone who thinks of success and development is a
new aspect of our culture.

In this workshop and workshop, we will discuss the important concept of
how to create an innovative and innovative environment in institutions
and organizations, which is crucial to the success of institutions in
terms of the ability of their cadres to absorb the internal and external
environment and their ability to reach solutions or strategic or
general work directions that can face changes and challenges This will
require an open and dialogue environment, and the ability to motivate
cadres after selecting them appropriately and developing them with
experience and continuing education on the other hand, and create an
incentive for success and self-realization in these cadres and stimulate
creative energies through the

Practical training and instilling self-confidence in the elements of
work and development with the continuous movement of knowledge and

What Will I Learn?

  • Philosophy of Planning, Innovation and Creativity.
  • Innovation and creativity in contemporary marketing language.
  • Factors that generate the need for innovation.
  • Innovation Management System in Research Centers.
  • Leadership and its importance.
  • Definition of the team.


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