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some things for construction workers or large projects may be confused
when reading the claims and obligations of the covered parties and how
to correct them.

Unfortunately, in some cases when these demands are not properly
managed, these demands may turn into conflicts that drain time and

Proper management and understanding of these demands may improve the
final outcome of the project while maintaining good working relations
between all parties.

This course includes an in-depth study of Red, Yellow, Silver and Gold
Fidic, providing a full understanding of the circumstances requiring
claims and what can be claimed and the requirements of engineering
responses and decisions.

During this course, participants will learn about each item of FIDIC
contracts whether they are employees, contractors or engineers.
Participants will gain an understanding of what needs to be followed to
meet the requirements, how to prepare, respond and solve project
problems in record time, while maintaining a good relationship with all

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand each item of FIDIC contracts
  • Identify risks within contract forms
  • Applying sound management of claims for construction projects from the perspective of the employer, contractor or engineer
  • Prepare and respond to claims professionally by following FIDIC procedures and requirements
  • Solve issues at the project level in record time, while maintaining good relationships with the other party


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