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Although the belief in the majority that leadership is part of the
personality created with it from birth, this theory has not been proven
so far, and most scientists and researchers in the field of leadership
that the leadership is acquired and can be learned and developed in
people, although they do not deny that the Some people are capable of
learning and developing their leadership skills more than others. Since
you have become an administrator or supervisor for a group of people,
this indicates that you have the ability to be a successful leader.

This is why the British Academy for Training and Development offers
this program to all aspiring to become important leaders in their field
and able to influence, achieve and achieve goals.

What Will I Learn?

  • The general concept of leadership and management and determining the difference between them.
  • Attributes Commander.
  • Gain the skills of the outstanding leader
  • Different concepts in leadership
  • How to build a successful team
  • Test your leadership skills through global exercises
  • Obstacles and obstacles to overcome.
  • Leading schools around the world.


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