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Global money markets and capital markets are the world’s largest markets and part of the central parts of the financial system. In foreign exchange alone, more than $ 5 trillion of financial transactions are made daily.
These markets provide financing, trade and investment opportunities and
are the channel between all other components of the capital markets of
the world.

In recent years, financial markets have become more important than in
the past as financial institutions focus more on managing and
diversifying their sources of liquidity, applying more financing control
features and studying the attractions of short-term investments and
trading strategies.

What Will I Learn?

  • To deepen understanding of the mechanism of foreign exchange market and the main influences
  • Analyzing the role and influence of central banks on capital markets and foreign exchange
  • Examination of sources of funds, open market operations and quantitative easing
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of liquidity, capital adequacy and solvency
  • Apply analytical skills to the major financial products available in the global financial markets
  • Explanation of logic and uses of derivatives - transfers, swaps and options
  • Develop an understanding of the key factors of financial risk management


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