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Although forensic accounting and anti-fraud are not new concepts, their importance is constantly increasing.
We hear a lot of news about cases of accounting fraud and financial
crimes committed by companies and individuals alike, so we present this
course that focuses on both theoretical concepts and practical aspects
of forensic accounting and provides participants with the necessary
tools that help them add value to their institutions and check the
controls that And to apply the accounting rules and analyze their data

What Will I Learn?

  • Explain the meaning of concepts of fraud and forensic accounting
  • Apply anti-fraud controls to reduce the likelihood of them occurring in the organization
  • Employ Microsoft software tools to detect and report fraudulent financial operations
  • Application of accounting and statistical accounting tools for data analysis
  • Assisting internal audit and senior management departments in verifying data integrity and finding any abnormal patterns
  • Excel is effectively used to identify suspicious information that needs further investigation to verify that it is free of fraud


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