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Introducing participants to the developments of contractual work under
the free market mechanisms and methodologies of work through the
privatization of activities ( Privatization ) and maximize
the possible use of service providers in the local market and abroad and
how to achieve the desired returns in terms of service quality and competitiveness ) And cost reduction in light of these developments and how to benefit from this in the stage of preparation of contract documents.

To provide the participants with the skills of translation and the
correct wording of the trainee and the familiarity of the trainee with
the features of the legal language in the English language and its
drafting rules with explanatory examples, as well as providing the
trainee with many basic legal terms in translating legal contracts and
training in translating various models of commercial contracts,

What Will I Learn?

  • Definition of the contract and its components.
  • Types of contracts.
  • Conclude contracts and requirements due the wording.
  • Stages and procedures of the contract and its requirements.
  • Negotiation of contracts.
  • Skills of understanding and predicting potential problems in the operational stages of contracting.
  • Pre-and post-contract considerations and core issues to be considered.


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