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legal memos, like any scientific research, require preparation to follow a
scientific approach that is guided by the researcher when addressing a legal
issue. If the lawyer lacks in preparing his legal memorandum, this approach is
confused and his reasons are not clear. This may lead to dishonesty with his
introductions. The reasons for which are often supported by the lack of
response of the court to which the memorandum refers to the outcome of the
memorandum. This program deals with technical procedures in legislation in the
broad sense of interpretation and rules of interpretation and drafting skills.
Therefore, it was the right of men of law to acquire the skills required in the
legal advice industry because of their significant impact in working life

What Will I Learn?

  • Provide legal opinion on matters and matters referred to him.
  • Studying issues and subjects of a legal nature.
  • Preparing the legal notes with the results of the investigation together with the legal opinion.
  • Legal language skills and formal and objective requirements for writing legal notes.
  • How to prepare notes covered by the legal opinion and the provisions and jurisprudence.
  • Understand the legal nature and relevance of legal advice.


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