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course is designed to provide participants with basic petrophysical concepts,
calculations and equations, as well as the most important methods of well
logging, measurements of LWD and MWD drilling, and the advantages of these
services. The measurement and recording tools used for drilling wells are studied
as well as the basic concepts of all petrochemical accounts. At the end of this
course, trainees are expected to be able to monitor and record geological
formations and geophysical measurements during the drilling of wells,
assessment of well logging and clean reservoir records, assessment of oil and
gas reservoirs, water resistance calculation, water salinity calculation,
ground temperature calculation, oil and gas

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand all recording tools used during the well drilling process as well as wired lines.
  • Understand all mathematical calculations for calculating the Rw and Sw by Archie equation.
  • Determine the Rw by the Inverse Archie equation.
  • Calculate the value of the geothermal gradient.
  • Determination of the temperature of the formation (Tf).
  • Interpret and analyze records quickly and get the best results from the drilling and shaping process.


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