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GIS course and the construction of spatial databases aim at providing the
participants with the most important information and skills needed to deal with
the most important GIS programs and the latest versions of Ezri. The course
covers the axes of types of coordinates, descriptive information and spatial
information, and how to produce maps through dealing with satellite images or
aerial photographs. The dealing with the land boards is one of the most important
things that will be mastered by the participants so that they will be able to
enter descriptive information on spatial information in addition to working
models Dimensional dimension of the area after learning on the production of
topographic maps and contour lines

What Will I Learn?

  • The definition of geographic information systems in general.
  • Find out the latest issues of Ezri.
  • Know the uses and importance of GIS in our lives.
  • Building spatial databases of great importance in GIS.
  • Building three-dimensional systems and linking them to GIS.


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