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health management course aims to provide students with the basic skills
necessary to manage medical institutions and to acquaint them with the
specificity of the health administration, the specificity of the work, the different
work conditions, the health system, its functions and its various
organizations. The course is designed to enable students to understand the
concepts of the health system, its organizations, objectives, functions and
problems, to differentiate between commodity and organization organizations
Health problems and identify and identify problems facing health management and
health organizations

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify the health system and its management and health systems in the world and know the mechanisms and complexity of work.
  • Developing the capacity, knowledge, skills and performance of health and medical personnel in the health field and other related fields.
  • To know the problems of health, disease and factors affecting them negatively and positively in terms of population, social, cultural, economic and environmental and their direct and indirect impact on the human, society and the environment.
  • Expand the understanding of health and disease away from the clinical perspective by using the tools of economics, economics and sociology together with medical knowledge.
  • Knowledge of national policies, strategies, laws, legislation and health systems and contribute to their development and achievement of their future objectives, study and analyze them within the general national context.
  • Manage facilities, projects and health programs efficiently and effectively on scientific and economic basis and through the optimal use of resources and the preparation of realistic and practical plans and programs and the ability to implement, control and evaluation.


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