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health insurance marketing is very different from what it was several years
ago. The creation and implementation of effective health insurance plans and
the participation of consumers in the insurance sector are currently difficult.
This course aims at introducing the trainees to the importance of marketing and
its functions, studying the marketing environment, and providing them with the
most important marketing concepts and practices in the field of health services
and hospitals. The article focuses on the importance of health marketing and
the behavior of the beneficiaries of the health product, explaining and activating
ways to design, develop and promote health services

What Will I Learn?

  • Familiarity with concepts, experiences and marketing practices in the field of health services and hospitals.
  • Differentiating between the different elements of the marketing environment and determining their impact on the practice of health marketing.
  • Divide the health market into marketing sectors and identify target sectors.
  • Manage marketing mix elements in a profitable way for the hospital and patients for their "patients".


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