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is time for HR professionals to stop doing their traditional jobs and
develop their practices to become business partners and to take a seat
at the table of decision makers at the institution.
door is wide open for the HR department to become a business partner as
it always wants instead of being seen as an abstract department.
more than ever before, human resource professionals need new strategies
and a whole set of competencies to be able to deliver decisive and
tangible results.

course will enable you to transform yourself and your HR department
into a business partner capable of delivering results and adding real
value to your organization.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the nature of human resources as an administrative function
  • Mention all HR functions and responsibilities and determine their contributions to the success of the organization
  • The four new roles that make the HR department a reliable business partner in modern institutions
  • Measuring the contribution of human resources to results for profit and nonprofit organizations
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of HR functions through the use of SMART KPIs
  • Describe the functions and responsibilities of human resources and determine their contribution to the success of the organization
  • Demonstrate how to increase the efficiency of human resources work through competency frameworks
  • Remind the key competencies of a human resources specialist


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