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course deals with the basics of the science of air conditioning and cooling and
its applications. It also studies the science of thermodynamics, which explains
the thermal phenomena and laws of fluids in the case of dormancy and movement.
It also examines the most important laws necessary for calculation of thermal
loads that determine the selection and design of suitable air conditioning
systems. The students will be able to learn about the history and development
of the science of air conditioning and refrigeration, the basic air
conditioning and cooling circuit, the physical properties of fluids in the
state of stillness and movement, methods of heat transfer, types and
calculations of internal and external thermal loads, as well as the
identification of the schematic map and the method of reading it. The
characteristics of the comfort zone map, the characteristics of the air and the
ventilation requirements, as well as the identification of accounting rules,
the selection of air conditioning and cooling systems, and the study of
measurement units in the global system and the British system

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn the basics of electrical and mechanical circuits for different air conditioners and their components, methods of installation, replacement and maintenance.
  • Identify conventional HVAC systems as well as non-conventional systems.
  • Identify components of traditional systems and components of non-traditional systems.
  • Identify the mechanism of using traditional systems as well as unconventional systems.


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