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The hybrid system is a wave of the future. Rapid population growth and economic development in recent decades have led to a sharp increase in fuel consumption worldwide and have led to increased pollution in the air. These factors have led to the urgent need for a training material that will fully explain the system and its parts. And know its importance and how to maintain it. A hybrid vehicle uses two or more separate types of energy, such as an internal combustion engine that operates a generator that operates an electric motor. For example, in hybrid trains, diesel engines run the electric generator that runs the electric motor. The Hybrids course aims to provide trainees with sufficient knowledge in hybrid car ratings, hybrid car parts and components, and the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars.

What Will I Learn?

  • Define a hybrid car and find out the parts and components of hybrid cars.
  • Identification of parts and components of the system of the Heibard, motor unit / generator MG, engine, high-capacity hybrid car battery, power distribution unit, inverter, as well as the system of electricity for the body of the car.
  • Enable trainees to classify hybrid cars.
  • Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars.


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