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Government sector institutions around the world face many pressures to
reduce the budget, high expectations for its performance and increasing
challenges in vital areas such as health and education.

As innovation in the private sector produces new products and services
continuously, the government sector is often seen as slow to respond to
and slower to adapt to such changes.

There are, however, many examples of government agencies around the
world that are constantly evolving through the development of innovative
policies and the introduction of innovative products and services in
smart cities.

The purpose of this course is to identify methods that can help public
sector institutions become more innovative by combining creativity with
more focus on evidence and impact.

What Will I Learn?

  • Supporting the need of government sector institutions to better find, improve and adapt through the implementation of innovation systems
  • Describe the stages of innovation needed to positively influence government policy decisions
  • Apply focused design principles to people for government sector policies and procedures
  • Summarize the different criteria for the success of smart cities around the world
  • Identify important innovation barriers that prevent a mature innovation system in the government sector


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