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and managers need creativity and innovation skills, which are among the most
important factors of success in the competitive environment in different fields
around the world. Hence, the importance of focusing human resources on
selecting and employing creative and innovative leaders who have the ability to
direct their teams and institutions towards excellence within professional
contexts. As well as the skills and competencies that enable them to
effectively manage transformations and changes in the organization. This course
aims to provide participants with the most important concepts related to
innovation and creativity, as well as the most important theories and
methodologies that foster innovation, situational leadership, and the role of
the leader in delegating and managing change

What Will I Learn?

  • Gain the ability to apply the most important skills and thinking methods outside of the Fund relevant to work or personal attitudes.
  • Practice thinking in unconventional ways through "thinking outside the box" using mental maps, visual memory and others, as well as describing the core competencies of emotional intelligence.
  • Identify the most important theories of leadership and situational leadership, as well as identify the role of the leader in delegating and managing change.
  • Learn how to transform successful ideas and solutions into reality as well as create an interactive culture to promote innovation and apply new practices.


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