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The technological explosion, economic competition and knowledge growth
have led to a very significant development in industrial and
administrative processes in all government and commercial sectors around
the world, making continuous improvement one of the most important
conditions for the survival of organizations and the diversification of
their competitiveness.

Only enterprises and companies that have used continuous improvement
techniques, maintained acceptable policies and high levels of customer
satisfaction have been able to compete and survive in difficult economic
conditions and during successive financial crises.

The Japanese experience of technical and economic superiority did not
pass on to the world’s management scientists without thorough research
and study to identify the reasons for Japan’s global excellence in a
relatively short period of time.

The surprise that has made many international companies interested in
the Japanese experience: How do some Japanese companies sell quality
products in less quantity than in Western countries and at a cheaper
price, and yet achieve greater profits ?!

Kaizen was a stunning discovery.
The Japanese experience of continuous improvement, which the Japanese
called Kaizen, has achieved the lowest level of waste in operations,
resources and time, bringing high rates of profits and financial

Hence the interest in Japanese Kaizen philosophy for the purpose of
identifying, training and applying them in the sectors of institutions
and companies.

What Will I Learn?

  • The concept of continuous improvement methodology.
  • Types of optimization methods.
  • Optimization tools in the Kaizen methodology - Control Charts, Pareto Diagram, Fishbone Diagram, Check Sheets
  • Managing change as a critical success element in the application.
  • How to apply the Kaizen methodology.
  • Concept of targeted operations for improvement.


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