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The role of public relations is to convey the true true images of any individual or institution to the public. It also requires the transfer of public opinion and needs to the institution. In order for the organization to avoid what is contrary to the interest of the public and to modify the policies and methods of implementation to ensure the achievement of the role that has been found for its performance towards the public and its employees. This requires directing the policies of the institution to work on the principle of taking into account the common interests of the institution and its employees on the one hand and external bodies on the other. The role that leads to the prosperity of the performance of the institution and the prosperity of its relations. Public relations programs are responsible for identifying actions and policies that affect the internal and external public interest. It also requires public relations programs to be coordinated and institutionalized. It is therefore necessary to raise relations to the level of senior management. With the increasing awareness of public opinion, the importance of the role of public relations and the protocol in achieving trust and understanding between the organization and its publics has increased.

What Will I Learn?

  • Contemporary concepts and comprehensive approaches to public relations, their role, objectives and functions in the establishment.
  • Interconnection and interaction between public relations activities and various administrative activities of the establishment and its impact on raising the efficiency of administrative performance in the establishment.
  • Public Relations Research.
  • Planning of pubic relations activities (skills - information - stages).
  • Use modern methods in preparing public relations programs

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