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order for the teacher to integrate technology tools into education, he has to
master the use of modern teaching strategies and change his role from a vector
source of information to new roles. To become an active student, this process
must be supervised, directed and managed by the teacher so he must be able to
manage the classroom These new roles and how to formulate the educational tasks
that ensure the activation of the role of the student and change its role as a
recipient only, and since all this process needs to plan, it must be able to
trainee in the planning of writing goals of sound education so that he can
choose strategies, ways and means and activities most appropriate for These
goals are based on which the teacher decides what roles he will play as a
teacher and what roles the students will play in these tasks and activities. In
addition, the integration of technology into the curriculum must have an
addition worthy of such integration. As a teacher, we must know how to plan the
integration of technology tools into the curriculum. The goals are achieved by
tools Technology and how to take advantage of the added value of each of these
tools within the classroom and beyond and how to get out of the learning
process from the limits of time and space, so all this course is in the form of
the new roles of the teacher and the student and what these roles and how the
teacher benefits from the new roles and when each exercise a transition What is
effective learning and how the teacher does the process of learning and how to
design the different types of educational tasks and determine the general
framework of these tasks and its relationship to the integration of technology
tools in education and how this integration achieves the desired educational goals
and how to manage the situation Oluyemi as a whole to achieve educational goals
desired and how to formulate these goals and how they serve the teacher of
technology tools in achieving educational goals, and to enable the student to
identify the uses of cooperative learning in the classroom and its relationship
to the tasks of education and the integration of technology tools in teaching
and how to work organized on the use of the Internet in the service

What Will I Learn?

  • Enable the student to activate the role of students.
  • Enabling the student to formulate educational tasks.
  • To enable the student to formulate the educational objectives correctly.
  • Enable the student to plan for the integration of technology tools into the curriculum.
  • Enabling students to identify the best technology tools to achieve educational goals.
  • Achieving the best value from the use of technology tools in education.


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