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Enterprise risk management has evolved considerably since the 1970s. Since it was only centered around ‘buying’ insurance, its importance has evolved to become a key function in many institutions.
It is now part of a larger system known as the “Governance, Risk and
Compliance” system that begins with corporate governance and ends with

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a study of the risks that may
hinder the organization’s ability to achieve its objectives and then
decide how to overcome these risks.
Several risk management studies have been conducted in various institutions, including ISO 31000 dedicated to risk management. However, COSO is the most universally accepted enterprise risk management system.
This system includes the steps necessary to control risk, and begins
with assessing the internal environment and determining the objectives
that are mainly the result of the vision of the senior management of the

This course also includes the steps that management needs to identify
and assess risks and decide on controls and appropriate responses.

As well as how to monitor and report on risks. This course addresses
the importance of risk taking into account in different areas of the
organization such as strategy, reporting, compliance, financial or
physical operations as well as in different industries.

What Will I Learn?

  • Explain internal and external changes that may expose the institution to risks
  • Understand the relationship with the Board of Directors through governance and improve risk-based decisions
  • Develop internal controls by selecting the appropriate risk response
  • Classification of risk categories in the organization and identification of the authorities responsible for directing them
  • Analyze, evaluate and improve risk management practices within the organization


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