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    Internal auditing of quality management systems is a basic and imperative requirement of this system. Specific and specific requirements have been established to manage this process and determine who they perform, their qualifications, their qualities, etc., which is commensurate with the importance of this process for the continuity and success of the applied quality systems. Quality and Environment, which is ISO 19011/2011 to clarify the appropriate methods and methods to conduct a valid and effective quality systems audit. During this training program, internal auditors will help to understand this standard and how to prepare and implement the internal audit.

    What Will I Learn?

    • Knowledge and description of the responsibilities of the internal auditor and the role of internal audit in the province and maintenance of the quality management system, in addition to its role in the processes of improvement and development of the system.
    • Understand and analyze the ISO 9001 standard, and learn how to turn the requirements into reality.
    • Learn the skills of auditing and the skills of dealing with the auditor, in addition to the skills of searching for information and linking, and then find objective evidence to prove the results.
    • Explain (and refer to the cycle of continuous improvement and the principle of process based on quality) Objective and structure of ISO 9001: 2015.
    • Planning, execution and writing of the audit report as an essential part of the quality management system, and in accordance with the requirements of ISO 19011.


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