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engine is the main source of the vehicle’s ability to move, so the purpose of
teaching this special material in petrol engines by cars and provide the
trainee with the basic information and the main engine, the knowledge of all
parts and functions within the engine, and knowledge of some systems that help
the engine, Complete the face without it

What Will I Learn?

  • Introducing the trainees to the engine work system and providing them with the skills in decoding and fitting the parts and the function of each part, as well as the quartet of the engine, maintenance, assembly and timing.
  • Identification of the parts of the cooling cycle and the method of maintenance, and types.
  • The trainees will be able to remove and install thermostat.
  • Provide trainees with the ability to decode and install radiant.
  • Provide the trainees the ability to dismantle and install the pump, as well as the dismantling and installation of the oil pump.
  • Define the trainees on the parts of the lubrication cycle and the method of maintenance and work.


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