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Internal controls are an interesting issue in institutional environments. They are part of a governance, risk and compliance system that relies on these controls to ensure that potential risks are identified. This course begins with an introduction to corporate governance and corporate risk management, . The course also covers controls from an administrative perspective and within the corporate reporting cycle. The course also covers controls in the payment cycle, procurement, human resources, payroll systems, stock and production cycle, long-term asset life cycle and sales and collection cycle. The course also discusses information control systems, administrative controls, security and safety controls, financial reporting controls and external reporting controls.

What Will I Learn?

  • Application of controls in accounting operations
  • Focus on the importance of the roles and functions of the accounting department to use controls and improve performance
  • Design professional courses for institutional work to achieve better controls
  • Implement the division of tasks and internal controls in the Accounting and Operations Department
  • Describe how to reduce the likelihood of fraud in your organization based on reliability of operations
  • Compliance with external reporting requirements for government and quasi-governmental authorities
  • Formulation of operational policies and procedures in accordance with internal control requirements
  • Design and maintain financial controls


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