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One of
the basic criteria that all governmental bodies, institutions or businesses are
seeking is to achieve customer satisfaction and satisfy their desires and needs.
However, studies have shown that 50% of customer communications received by
most government agencies are not answered? Callers outside the working time are
not answered, and call pressure may also cause loss of some of them and the
professional work necessities between the companies has become a technical
support service to customers distinctly from the fundamentals of competitive
action. Due to strong competition in the labor market, Has the greatest
interest in its dealings, the more attention to the customer, the greater the
demand for this field. Which led to the need to focus on customer service in
general and the quality and efficiency of operations communications centers
Call Centers in particular

What Will I Learn?

  • Modern Mechanisms in Developing Call Centers Operations
  • Leadership and providing a conducive environment for call center operations
  • The efficiency of call centers in achieving the quality of customer service
  • Excellence in Customer Service Management
  • Excellence as an input to the efficiency and effectiveness of call center operations
  • Methods of measuring the satisfaction of call center customers to build effective institutions
  • Why customer satisfaction should be measured

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