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We live in the Age of Internet Objects (IoT) which provides seamless
integration and easy access between objects regardless of their actual

Internet (IoT) spreads between different domains such as health care
systems, government services, banks and telecommunications, to name a

We are no longer only vulnerable to cyber attacks but are vulnerable to
life-threatening attacks such as terrorist attacks and espionage
attacks and therefore there is a need to provide personal identity
guarantees and strict surveillance.

This course covers basic principles and the engineering framework of
the technology identity and access management system, and includes
identity assurance, certification, authorization, authorization,
accountability, SSO and ITU identity.

Practical issues such as e-passport, mobile banking, e-government
services, EMV systems and other selected cases are also discussed.

What Will I Learn?

  • Clarify the identity and entry management framework and discuss security risks associated with different publishing options
  • Discuss different mechanisms for establishing strong authentication (eg OTP, certificate-based authentication, OTP authentication)
  • Explain the principles of public infrastructure and certification authorities and demonstrate their value in reducing the security risks facing modern societies
  • Explanation of the most common access control mechanisms and OTH roles, OATH, SAML and open identification criteria in the IAM scope and application of SSO standard concepts
  • Demonstrate IAM structure using industry tools and case studies (eg e-passport, gate boundaries, mobile banking, EMV, and mobile e-services)


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