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All HR professionals agree that job descriptions are an essential and pivotal tool in all human resources operations and that writing them is an art and skill. This course focuses on how to perform accurate functional analyzes and write detailed job descriptions that focus on the basic aspects of the functional results to evaluate the posts objectively and thus properly determine their value for the institution. In addition, the course covers the job evaluation guidelines and how they are applied in accordance with MERC’s Functional Assessment System, which is commonly used in the Gulf region.

What Will I Learn?

  • Apply basic principles of analysis and job evaluation
  • Prepare accurate and detailed functional analysis interviews
  • Write clear job descriptions according to the output of functional analysis
  • Clarify the importance of job evaluation as a tool for "consistency and internal justice"
  • Job evaluation using the Merck job evaluation system
  • Clarify the reasons for the importance of effective management of job evaluation systems


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