Training Package In Leadership and consulting skills for HR professionals – Matrial Drive


This course will cover the leadership, strategic and advisory skills
that allow HR professionals to participate in the formulation of the
organization’s strategy, develop a clear vision for human resources, and
achieve its strategic objectives that are consistent with the strategic
direction of the institution.
It will also strengthen the role of human resources as a key partner in strategic decision-making.
The course also provides a detailed explanation of how to develop and
formulate the strategy of the institution using a comprehensive
methodology, and its dissemination at the level of human resources
management, and the development of targeted performance indicators and
related targets.
Participants will learn how to develop policies, procedures, characteristics and how to write / formulate them well.

What Will I Learn?

  • Human Capital Management and Enterprise Talent
  • Advanced human resource management practices
  • Human Resources under Contemporary Contemporary
  • Strategic Management of Human Resources Management Manual
  • Human Resources Development under Total Quality Standards
  • Models of excellent institutional innovation in human resources
  • Functional enrichment models in human resources management
  • Mechanisms of Creative Excellence in Career Development
  • Elements of success in the management of career development

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