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British Academy for Training and Development offers a training course
in leadership, principles and fundamentals of entrepreneurship, in
accordance with modern and advanced curricula developed by the British
Academy of Training and Development.

a new job gives you more money and more opportunities, but it can lead
to a narrowing of time, loss of friends and a reduction in social life,
so you should think of creating a balance of practical life to contain
this fear instead of fearing it, And teachers to choose the right job
and to help solve professional problems. To start small businesses and
establish companies there are many skills that can be learned and
acquired in the corporate world. For example,
and connect with people in various social and professional networks,
and interview many people may become potential clients,
as well as can imagine the worst case scenario contained occurrence, and planning for the worst cases you can take better action, and there are many skills that you will learn about them successively in this session.

What Will I Learn?

  • The concept of entrepreneurship.
  • When will my name become an entrepreneur?
  • Is the entrepreneur himself the entrepreneur?
  • Elements of Entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurship and scratch.
  • Leadership skills and their impact on entrepreneurship.
  • Planning and organization and its importance in entrepreneurship.
  • How to be the leader of your business.


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