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program is designed for those working as department heads, as well as planning
personnel involved in strategic planning and crisis management in public and
private institutions, to familiarize participants with the concept and
importance of strategic planning and advocacy skills, to familiarize
participants with elements, components and models of strategic planning in
crisis management, From mastering the use of strategic planning tools in
leadership and crisis management, enabling participants to measure the
effectiveness of the strategic plan in crisis management and leadership, and to
inform participants of the leader’s patterns and the role of strategic planning
Ing in the driving process

What Will I Learn?

  • Acquire knowledge of supervision and management leadership.
  • Develop and enhance skills, abilities and knowledge related to the nature of supervisory work such as effective communication, delegation and time management.
  • Develop skills related to team building and leadership.
  • Knowledge of theoretical and practical concepts of leadership and administrative excellence.
  • Distinguish between the concept of leader and manager.


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