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every era there are strong and there are the weak and the strong
believe that its strength will last and work for it and the weak remains
the same until it has one of the keys to power. In our time,
communication technology is considered an essential element of
globalization and one of the most important keys to power. Globalization
bears new responsibilities and burdens imposed by the challenges of

the importance of verifying the readiness of the executive leadership
and its ability to deal with these challenges of a strategic nature and
reach the goals and ambitions and goals and achieve their mission, and
the presidents and senior managers and executives are facing new
challenges and needs skills commensurate with these challenges.

What Will I Learn?

  • Guidelines and appropriate conditions available to implementing leaders.
  • Strategic roads and central equipment for driving.
  • Strategy and what is the strategic track and what are the reasons and elements of alternatives.
  • Guidance for the effective implementation of the Strategic Plan and Programs
  • Deleting cultural and organizational obstacles.
  • Modifying and renewing performance indicators and generalizing the practice of internal measurement and estimation.


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