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It may be no different that the management of projects is in the first
section of the knowledge of its principles and fundamentals, and in the
other art requires high skill in the application of this science, and
dealing with all parties involved, and within the environment
surrounding the project in question.
Although project management is based on a smooth logic that can be easily understood and understood.

The application of this science to successfully manage the project is
not easy, for many reasons including differences in human nature, values
​​and individual skills.

The researchers agreed that the most important individual skills a
project manager should have are communication skills, leadership,
motivation, team building, emotion control, impact, conflict resolution,
negotiation, and emotional intelligence, that is, the ability to
understand the feelings and emotions of others.

The skill of communication is the ability to communicate information to
a party in a correct and complete manner, allowing the latter to
understand the purpose of the task assigned to him, as well as the
ability to listen to understand the true meaning of the speech he is
listening to.

What Will I Learn?

  • Develop, define and manage the project plan
  • Communicate with the staff concerned about the plan
  • Discover ways to manage your project resources
  • Learn how to collect information about performance planning and evaluation
  • Benefits of effective leadership skills that will support project completion
  • Know how to make informed and effective decisions that are in line with organizational goals
  • Review and complete projects
  • Design procedures for staff involved in decision making and acceptance of project responsibility
  • Delegation of authority, resources and knowledge
  • Review the project life cycle

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