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It is common for many institutions not to give importance and opportunity to human resources by sitting at the decision-making table and participating in the design and implementation of the strategies of the institution. The reason for this is the misperception of senior management’s belief that human resources management functions are less important than other departments and are not equipped with the necessary competencies to play strategic roles. This course is designed to promote and apply the six new human resource competencies, allowing HR professionals to lead the department in a modern manner and to take a seat at the decision making table. In addition to the six competencies, the course will address how to use the latest tools in human resource management, specifically human resource analysis, and explain how it can be applied to enhance your human resources career.

What Will I Learn?

  • Develop techniques to link internal HR processes and activities with external expectations
  • Explain six contemporary competencies that define professionalism in human resource management and allow them to become managers or professionals who add value
  • Applying tools to assess and improve the six competencies required in human resource leadership
  • Demonstrate the use of modern HR tools and their subsequent use in their organizations for the preparation of effective professional data and reports
  • Helping to create an intelligent system that reduces risks associated with human resources investments


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