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The procurement planning process includes a selection of alternatives
to objectives, strategies, policies, programs and procurement
procedures. The choice among alternatives is based on providing
information on the organization’s current and future needs and
conditions and the current and expected purchasing environment
conditions for integration in the preparation of procurement plans at
the organization level.

The procurement strategy is a standard for measuring the performance of
actual procurement practices in light of the comparison of the levels
set out in the plan with the executed levels. This monitoring process
assists in the development of future procurement plans.

Procurement negotiation is an important skill to be mastered by
procurement officers in organizations because they control cost, improve
the competitive position of the enterprise and the efficiency and
effectiveness of the project.

What Will I Learn?

  • Procurement basics and procurement management regulation
  • Material Requirements Planning System
  • Factors determining the purchasing strategy
  • Purchase from the appropriate supply source
  • Negotiate and manage purchase contracts
  • Preparation of tenders
  • Evaluation of tenders and awarding of contracts
  • New methods in planning and organizing procurement and supply processes
  • Applying quality standards associated with procurement.


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